The perfect training

The gyroscope does it – the rotation of the Powerball® is comparable to ice cubes that are swiveled in a glass – but the Powerball® generates gyro forces of up to 16 kg for your training.

Everything but sluggish – how the Powerball® works

In the Powerball there is a 200 g heavy rotor, which you bring up to speed by gyro movements. A rotary impulse is generated around the axis. This builds up stability, which is caused by the moment of inertia and the speed of rotation.

By turning the Powerball® you tilt the rotation axis sideways and exert a torque on the rotor. The rotor reacts with a counter movement, it wants to straighten up again – but it cannot, because it is attached to a guide in the ball. The only “way out” for the rotor is to “roll away” within the guide. Your energy is converted into increasing speeds of the rotor.

You can achieve up to 16,000 revolutions per minute, resulting in gyro forces that are 80 times the rotor’s own weight: 16 kg!

How to start the Powerball®
– with start band or ball of the thumb

Insert the starting tape into the hole in the yellow rotor and wind the cord along the recess around the rotor. To start the Powerball®, take it in a fist and pull the tape out with a jerk.

With a little more practice you can hold the Powerball® in one fist with the rotor opening out and start it with a very fast, downward movement of the other hand with the ball of your hand on the rotor.

Then, swing the Powerball® with slow, circular movements. Feel the resistance of the rotor and work gently against it. The Powerball® should run “round” without hitting or clattering loudly.

Your workout with the Powerball®

Gripping force of the fingers

Hold the Powerball® only with your fingertips and turn.

This allows you to train the finger flexors in each individual finger without risking one-sided strain or overstrain. As soon as your strength decreases, the rotor slows down and the forces that occur decrease.

This exercise is especially suitable to increase strength and condition especially for climbing, biking and piano playing.


Hold the Powerball® in your hand and spin your wrist.

This is how you train your coordination. Turn left or right, switch to the other hand and continue to turn. After injuries you can regain the mobility of your wrist.

The exercise is suitable for sports in which the wrists are particularly stressed. For example tennis, ice hockey, biking, golf. The exercise is also suitable for rehabilitation after injuries or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The soft vibration has a positive effect on the elasticity of the cartilage, for example the carpal bones. Over time, the wrist becomes much more stable.


Keep your wrist stiff & stable while accelerating the rotor.

So the drive comes automatically from the two forearm muscles. You train extensor and flexor. The interaction of the muscles in the arm area cannot be better trained with any other training device.

You can warm up your muscles before exercise and regenerate them more quickly after heavy exercise – because blood circulation is stimulated. Even after a short workout you will sense a feeling of warmth in your forearm. The training is excellent for the prevention of tennis elbow.

As soon as your arm hurts, you tend to spare the arm. Muscles shorten and hurt immediately with the next load. You can now break this cycle.


Hold the Powerball® in rotation with the arm angled upwards.

You will see and feel immediately how your biceps starts to work.

The exercise is suitable for all sports that require a strong biceps:
Climbing, tennis, rowing and many more.


Stretch the arm slightly away from the body and turn the back of the hand forward and inward.

Now the triceps is working. The exercise is suitable for all sports,
where strong triceps are essential:
Climbing, tennis, rowing and many more.


Hold the arm laterally outstretched and drive the rotor further.

This exercise is for relaxation in the shoulder area and you
will be able to feel a positive effect on the neck muscles.

As with all other exercises, the same applies here: In order for the Powerball® to get going and keep going, you need to feel its vibrations. This promotes concentration and body awareness.