The high-quality hand trainer

The name Powerball® is almost synonymous with gyroscopic hand trainers. The reason is – besides the fun of training – the best quality and perfection down to the last detail.

Perfect rotation

The rotation is computer calculated and absolutely precise. No unbalance or vibration occurs even after prolonged use.

With the Powerball® you can achieve rotation speeds of up to 16,000 revolutions per minute – resulting in a gyroscopic force of up to 16 kg.

Stable axis

The axle is made of stainless steel and therefore cannot break.

Robust housing

The Powerball® housing is made of particularly sturdy and break-resistant ABS plastic.

Traces of light

With Powerball® Lightning, Powerball® Multi Light and Powerball® Max, the built-in dynamo and 6 LEDs – red, blue or green – provide a fascinating lighting effect. No battery required.

Grip tape

Due to the high-quality silicone grip tape, the Powerball® fits well in the hand and does not roll away easily.

Rev counter

Only the original Powerball® is offered with a digital tachometer – Powerball® Max and Powerball® Counter – or can be retrofitted.