Powerball® Lightning

A dynamo integrated in the rotor makes the 6 LEDs in the original Powerball® Lightning shine. You generate up to 16 kg training weight “on the side” – but the rotor, which weighs only 180 g, is already effective with a smaller rotation.

The Powerball® has an excellent rotational stability, as each piece is electronically balanced. Its axle made of steel and the housing made of unbreakable ABS plastic ensure stability, the grip band made of non-slip silicone ensures a secure hold during training.

Depending on your preferences, the Lightning is available in blue or red.

With the Max models, the Lightning already has an interesting upgrade with the digital tachometer “Counter”.

RRP* € 24.90

Item no. Variante Lightning Red: 004
EAN Variante Lightning Red: 4260097920049

Item no. Variante Lightning Blue: 006
EAN Variante Lightning Blue: 4260097920063

*Recommended retail price