BodyRoller timber Massage Roller

With the Kernpower® BodyRoller timber made of solid beech, the targeted treatment and self-massage of the fasciae and deep-seated muscles becomes very easy. Any tension, trigger points or adhesions in the tissue can be relieved with the handy massage roller, depending on the individual pain sensation.

The BodyRoller timber is made of unpainted and untreated beech wood from local forests. The handle and massage-ball were each made from one piece.

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Simple (self-) massage

The BodyRoller timber consists of an ergonomic handle and a matching massage-ball with a size of 5 cm.

With the handle, the pressure can be applied comfortably over the massage-ball – by rolling movement or punctualon the desired spot.

Ideal for self-treatment of the neck, shoulders, chest, arms, thighs, calves and soles of the feet or by a partner or therapist on the shoulders and back.

The massage-ball itself can also be used to treat painful, persistent trigger points while lying on the floor or wall. Simply by placing it on the affected area and applying pressure with your own body weight.

For massages with heat, cold or massage oil, please select the BodyRoller elemtens Set as lacquered version incl. massage-ball made of natural stone and stainless steel.

Woodwork from Franconia – Made in Germany

The Kernpower® BodyRoller is a sustainable, regional product. Together with a traditional family-owned company in Franconia, shape and production were perfected.

Our Original Powerball® hand trainer was the form-giving inspiration. Untreated copper beech from Central European mixed and deciduous forests was deliberately chosen.

The feel, texture and dense growth of this wood make it the ideal material for the massage roller consisting of the ergonomic hand part and the massage ball. The characteristic design can be ideally realised using traditional woodturning crafts.

Sustainability is also characterised by the absence of plastic or unnecessary outer packaging. The high-quality jute bag is made of organic cotton and can also be used for other purposes thanks to the drawstring.