Powerball® Autostart Max

With the Original Powerball® Autostart Max you get the maximum equipment: The Powerball® rotor with patented autostart function and up to 23 kg training weight as well as the digital tachometer, which shows you your training results or invites you to a competition.
Our Powerball® Multi Light Max complements these features with a light effect through an integrated dynamo with 6 LEDs.

The digital counter is already mounted on the underside of the Powerball and ready for use with a built-in battery.

The excellent rotational stability is achieved because each Powerball® is electronically balanced. Its steel axle and ABS plastic housing provide stability, while the non-slip silicone strap provides a secure grip.

Your preferences decides. Choose between the simple Autostart Max or the glowing Multi Light Max variant.

Autostart MAX RRP * € 49.90

Multi Light MAX RRP * € 54.90

Item No. Autostart variant Max : 070
EAN Autostart variant Max : 4260097920704

Item No. Multi Light Max variant : 077
EAN Multi Light Max variant : 4260097920773

WEEE reg. No. DE 77010636

*Recommended retail price