Powerball® Autostart Core

With the metal core of the new Original Powerball® Core, we are focusing on the producible Training weight of up to 34 kg a new training incentive. Due to the new rotation core, the Powerball itself has almost 100g more dead weight (total 346g) than the classic Powerball® Autostart.

The autostart principle remains simple as usual: just “wind up” the rotor quickly – like a toy car -, let go and start rotating, which ensures steely forearms during regular training.

The Powerball® Core has excellent rotational stability as each copy is electronically balanced. Its axis made of steel and the housing made of break-proof, transparent, gray ABS plastic ensure stability.

The grip tape made of non-slip silicone provides a secure hold during training.

The digital rev counter “Counter”can be retrofitted at any time.

RRP * € 79.90

Item No. : 101
EAN : 4260097921015

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