Powerball® Accessories

Counter Digital
Rev counter for upgrading your Powerball®

This is only possible with the original Powerball®: The digital rev counter with live display and 5 different functions for retrofitting for the models Basic, Lightning, Autostart and Multilight.

You can choose between the direct speed, the maximum speed, as well as the number of revolutions in 30, 60 or 90 seconds. The counter has an automatic switch-off and a housing made of skin-friendly material.


RRP* € 18.90

Item no.: 010
EAN: 4260097920100

*Recommended retail price

Transport case and storage

The Powerball® is optimally protected by a shock-resistant EVA shell when travelling, during transport or other storage.

The case is closed by a zip fastener. This guarantees protection against dust, UV radiation and splash water.
Foam inserts inside the case fix the Powerball® – so the ball does not lie loose in the case during transport.

The Original Powerball® Case is designed for all Powerball® models (except “The Big One” Titanium).



RRP* € 12.90

Item no.: 044
EAN: 4260097920445

*Recommended retail price

Powerball® Leather Case

The Original Powerball® with its weight of just 200 g is the ideal fitness companion on the move. In the elegant yet practical leather case, your Original Powerball® is in good hands in every situation, on trips and holidays.



RRP* € 8.95

Item no.: 047
EAN: 4260097920476

*Recommended retail price

Powerball® Starting Cord

Takes your Powerball® up to speed. At the beginning, some people find it difficult to start with the ball of your hand. With the launch cord you can get your Powerball® going in an easier way: simply wind the launch cord in the notch of the rotor and pull it out with a jerk.