The Powerball® Family

In the meantime, the classic Powerball has many “siblings”. You can choose between a wide variety of variations – e.g. with light effect or a digital rev counter.

But also with sophisticated autostart function, made of metal or in XXL version.

The Original
Powerball Basic

The basic model of the Original Powerball® has everything you need for your hand and arm training.

The self-runner
Powerball Autostart

Getting the original Powerball® autostart in rotation is as easy as starting a windup car toy

The conspicuous
Powerball Multi-Light

The color of the original Powerball® Multi Light changes with the height of the revolutions you elicit from the rotor.

NEW The solid cored
Powerball® Autostart Core

New metal core incl. start function – the Powerball® with heavy rotor for ambitious athletes

The heavyweight
Powerball® The Big One

Bigger, heavier and made of metal – the ideal hand trainer to build more strength and muscle mass.

The competitor
Powerball Counter

Speed, revolutions and more: The rev counter makes the Powerball a high-tech competition device.

The lightning
Powerball Lightning

An integrated dynamo makes 6 LEDs glow. Choose between blue or red housing.

The lightning + rev counter
Powerball Max

The LED Lightning variants are complemented by the digital rev counter.

The exclusive

A true precision product with aluminum housing and powerful stainless steel rotor. Each Ironpower® individually made by hand.

Currently in the forge

The special model
Ironpower® Vpower®

The special edition of the Ironpower® in bright red. Also with high-quality aluminium housing and powerful stainless steel rotor.

Currently out of stock