The Powerball® Family

In the meantime, the classic Powerball has many “siblings”. You can choose between a wide variety of variations – e.g. with light effect or a digital rev counter.

But also with sophisticated autostart function, made of metal or in XXL version.

The Original
Powerball Basic

The basic model of the Original Powerball® has everything you need for your hand and arm training.

The self-runner
Powerball Autostart

Getting the original Powerball® autostart in rotation is as easy as starting a windup car toy

The conspicuous
Powerball Multi-Light

The color of the original Powerball® Multi Light changes with the height of the revolutions you elicit from the rotor.

NEW The solid cored
Powerball® Autostart Core

New metal core incl. start function – the Powerball® with heavy rotor for ambitious athletes

The heavyweight
Powerball® The Big One

Bigger, heavier and made of metal – the ideal hand trainer to build more strength and muscle mass.

The competitor
Powerball Counter

Speed, revolutions and more: The rev counter makes the Powerball a high-tech competition device.

The lightning
Powerball Lightning

An integrated dynamo makes 6 LEDs glow. Choose between blue or red housing.

The lightning + rev counter
Powerball Max

The LED Lightning variants are complemented by the digital rev counter.

Autostart function + rev counter
Powerball Autostart / Multilight Max

The classic Autostart or Multi Light are complemented by the digital rev counter.

The exclusive
Original Ironpower®

Highest quality standards & precision
Made in Germany

The special model
Ironpower® Vpower®

The special edition of the Ironpower® in bright red. Also with high-quality aluminium housing and powerful stainless steel rotor.

Currently out of stock

The Powerball concept in different versions

Every Powerball model is based on the principle of the gyroscopic effect. This gyroscopic effect is characterised by gyroscopic forces that keep the rotor inside the Powerball in motion. The hand and the entire arm must now be strained to keep the rotor in motion through circular movements. The muscles work against the physical forces. This is how the training effect is created.

The hand and wrist trainer for everyone

Whether you are an athlete, a patient undergoing physiotherapy, an employee in an office, a craftsman or a gamer. Everyone who uses their hands for their hobbies, work or activities benefits from training with the hand trainer. Just as versatile as the target groups for our gyroscopic hand exerciser are the model variants.

The basic model “Powerball Basic“, for example, simply calls up the gyroscopic training principle in an attractive design. No extras or further functions. Rotation is triggered by a starter cord. Our bestseller at an attractive entry-level price.

The model called “Autostart” does without the starting cord and is made to rotate by a winding mechanism. This makes this ball easy to handle and ranks directly behind the “Basic” in terms of demand.

The “Multilight” gives the Autostart a purple casing and a light effect. The higher the revolutions, the brighter the integrated LEDs shine. Depending on the intensity, the small lights change colour from red to blue. Definitely the Powerball with a WOW effect.

The Big One” is one dimension bigger and heavier. This metal hand exerciser is perfect for building up strength and muscle mass in the arms. It comes with the auto-start function and is therefore very easy to start despite its increased weight.

Whether blue or red is up to you with the “Powerball Lightning“. The model is based on the construction of the “Basic” and is also launched with the string. The coloured housing and glowing LEDs make the Lightning models an eye-catcher.