Original Powerball® - firm grip in all situations

You don’t have to hang upside down to benefit from a strong hand!
The Powerball® Hand Trainer is the ideal training tool for fingers, wrists, forearms and upper arms to improve athletic performance, increase grip and improve coordination. Whether you need a firm grip at work, a firm grip during sports or want to alleviate your discomfort by using the keyboard and mouse all the time.

BACK AGAIN: The Original Ironpower

The Original Ironpower® – behind this powerful name stands the exclusive gyroscopic hand & wrist trainer with mass-optimised, heavy high-end rotor. Manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany.
The gyroscopic forces of the rotor are contained in the high-quality aluminium shell. Available in plain silver or elegant anodised matt black.

NEW MODEL: Autostart Core

New metal core incl. patented start function: The new Powerball® Autostart Core generates a training weight of up to 34 kg and is as easy to wind up as a toy car. This way you get the necessary revolutions to start your workout right from the start without any starting cord.
Ideal for experienced users who want to increase and ambitious athletes.

Level up your gaming

The Powerball® is the ideal training device for gamers! Sounds far-fetched? The experienced gamer and e-athlete knows painful wrists and tense shoulders. The Powerball® strengthens the hand, relaxes the grip apparatus, releases tension in the whole arm and thus helps to more actions per minute and even more crazy hotkey hand-acrobatics.

The Original Powerball® with your logo & branding

Go new ways with a Powerball® handheld trainer as a memorable and original promotional gift to draw attention to your company, your practice or your sports club. Well-known brands are already using the Powerball® in their own branding for advertising to customers or as attention for business partners, colleagues, patients and club members.
Sounds interesting? Ask for your individual Powerball® without obligation!

Give me a minute – and I’ll give you a powerful hand!

The Original Powerball® is the ideal training device for many sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, handball, rowing, climbing, weight training and many more. It is also popular with PC users, typists, programmers and gamers.
As a hand trainer, the Powerball® is successfully used to prevent and treat common problems in the hand and arm area up to the shoulder such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI, the “mouse arm”, tennis elbow or golf elbow.

For over 20 years now, the Powerball® has been one of the most popular hand trainers for athletes, musicians, PC users and physiotherapists.

The Original
Powerball® Basic

The basic model of the Original Powerball® has everything you need for your hand and arm training.

The self-runner
Powerball® Autostart

Getting the original Powerball® autostart in rotation is as easy as starting a windup car toy

The conspicuous
Powerball® Multi-Light

The color of the original Powerball® Multi Light changes with the height of the revolutions you elicit from the rotor.

The heavyweight
Powerball® The Big One

Larger, heavier and made of metal – the ideal hand trainer to build up more strength and muscle mass.

… or discover the gyroscopic principle.

Simply off the wrist

The principle of gyroscopic hand trainer

In principle, the Powerball® works like a glass in which ice cubes are thrown around the outer wall.

The Powerball® contains a rotor weighing approx. 180 g*, which you can turn around by gyroscopic movements. A rotary impulse is generated around the axis. This builds up stability, which is caused by the moment of inertia and the speed of rotation. The positive training effect on the entire arm musculature is already achieved.

*Values correspond to the Powerball® Basic model

Impressive numbers

You can reach up to 16.000* revolutions per minute.

Gyro forces which are 88* times the rotor's own weight, i.e. 16 kg!

… or discover the following possibilities as advertising & gift articles

More power for your advertising

A fancy promotional gift can do more than write or hang around a keychain. Your Powerball® with branding will inspire your customers in the long run and thus always bring you back in good memory.

Or reward your employees with a very special gift for Christmas or company anniversaries. The Powerball family offers an attention suitable for all professions where you have to tackle a lot, for employees who sit at the computer a lot or if it may be something other than a voucher.